Facility, Contact, and Survey Help

How do I get started?

Simply update the areas with yellow backgrounds behind the information for Steps 1 through 4, for each field you use. Start at the beginning and work through the steps. You may want to use your printed facility survey to review your fields before starting the online survey, so you have all your information gathered and ready to enter on the website.

What will the database show?

The database shows what we have previously entered for your league. In some cases, the forms will be blank, if you’ve never completed a facility survey in the past. Or it may be last year’s, and/or prior years’, facility survey information, whatever information we have for your league.

The main screen doesn’t have the correct information for my league. What do I do?

For the Charter Information, simply go to the “Modify League Information” blue link above the “City:” text field, and you can request a change for the information we have on your league. To the best of our ability, we have used the information provided from previous facility surveys, and will double-check the information requested to be changed before it is made on the online form, so it may take a few days to see this made “live”.

What does “multi-managed league” mean?

All leagues have unique charter numbers. But a league that shares a board of directors with another league, is considered “multi-managed” in terms of having two or three charters that the board operates. If your board governs more than one charter, you should note both (or all three) charter numbers on your facility survey so your governing board gets credit for each charter having submitted its survey.

I don’t see my name or the officer’s name I’m trying to put in “Step 1: League Officers”. What do I do?

Select “[new person]” from the drop-down menu on the “Choose a Contact:” and enter all contact information you have for this person. If the person has previously been a safety officer or league president, their name should show up on your list of contacts, and you can modify as needed for new addresses or phone numbers, etc.

I want to edit a previous year’s “Plans for Future Needs” or “Facility Survey” information. But the site won’t let me. What do I do?

The prior years’ information is static, just for your reference. If you want to make changes, go to the “Home” button and start from the “Edit”, “Update Plans” or “Answer Survey” button next to the current year’s information for the section you want to edit.

My league has new fields. How do I get a facility survey to enter the information?

You first must create the field in “Step 3: Field Dimension Data” by clicking “Add New Field”. Once the field has been created and saved, it will automatically show up in “Step 4: Field Survey”. Then you may enter the answers for it.

My league used to play on a field, but now we don’t. How do I show that?

If there isn't a delete button next to the field, it means we are using the field's information for our records. Ignore the field and don't enter any survey information in “Step 4: Field Survey” for the current year. Next year the field will not show up.

Why are answers given on the survey for everything except the inspections?

We auto-fill all prior year’s answers on “Step 4: Facility Survey” so only those features that have changed need be changed on your form. However, questions on lighting inspections are important for the safety of your players, and Little League requires every field playing under artificial lighting to be inspected every year to ensure they meet minimum standards for safe play, and again before any tournament games are played there. So you must do an annual inspection and verify when that occurred for each lighted field.

If you don’t find the information you need in these Q&A’s, please call the ASAP Hotline at 800-811-7443 or email asap@musco.com for help.

Safety Plan Help

How do I get started?

Once you've completed your online Facility Survey and Safety Plan, compile everything into one document. Once that is complete, go to Step 5 and upload your plan for review.

How do I upload a file?

On Step 5, select the "Choose File" button on the screen. Once the search box has opened, locate your Safety Plan and select "Open", you will see that a file name next to the "Choose File" button. Now hit the green paper clip button next to the file. Once this is complete, your file will appear above in the white box under Step 5: Safety Documents. A notification will be sent to Little League verifying your plan submission

Why can't I upload my file?

Safety Plans have to be submitted in pdf format only. If you are creating your Safety Plan in Word, you can save a pdf copy and then submit your file.

How do I attach the registration form to my Safety Plan?

If you are using Word, you can insert your completed Registration Form into your Safety Plan. Start by placing your cursor at the beginning of your Safety Plan document then select the "Insert" tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen. Under the "Text" section you will see a button that says "Object" - hit the drop down option and select "Text from File" Once you've selected this button a box will appear allowing you to search for a select your registration form. Once you have the document selected that you want to insert, hit the "Insert" button and your form will be added to your Safety Plan. Then resave your file as a pdf and upload on the ASAP site.

If you don’t find the information you need in these Q&A’s, please call the ASAP Hotline at 800-811-7443 or email asap@musco.com for help.

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